Crown and bridge

Dental Crowns

Here at Macquarie Park Dentistry we offer a range of crowns to suit every situation. The type of crown required is dependant on many factors such as remaining tooth structure, previous root canal treatment, history of clenching and grinding etc.

The types of crowns available is vast. However it can be broadly divided into crowns and bridges manufactured and designed by an external laboratory or those that are made within the surgery using the latest and state of the art CADCAM (computer aided design- computer aided manufacture) technology.

CEREC is the market leader in CADCAM technology. Here are Macquarie Dentistry we have invested in the latest Cerec technology to be able to deliver the best dental crowns with a superior fit, reduced number of visits required (usually the crown is delivered and cemented within a matter of a couple of hours) and exceedingly high quality.

With Cerec we can design, manufacture and produce a custom designed ceramic crown or bridge to fit an individual within a matter of hours. This in effect save an enormous amount of time and usually results cementation of the crown in the same appointment.

Traditionally made crown and bridge, manufactured by a local dental laboratory is also available and is used depending on each individual case.